What is Eco-Jewelry?


What is Eco-Jewelry

When you purchase eco-jewelry, you are purchasing amazing, beautiful art. It doesn’t just look beautiful. It also serves a purpose. Eco-jewelry can be an expression of your own eco-consciousness… it can be the desire to conserve. Maybe you feel connected to the earth. Maybe you feel the desire to make a difference. Eco-jewelry that is made from things that have already been made. It is the ultimate game-changer. So, when you buy a piece of non eco-jewelry, think about where it came from, and how it was made! It is important to remember that the energy that was originally put into the piece is now on your skin!

From thousands of years ago, archeologists have been finding jewelry. It has always been a trademark of human society. It can show respect, beauty, and power. Many pieces of parts of jewelry begin with rare and precious metals that may just be a part of bloodshed, or perhaps even warfare. For many people, eco-jewelry is simply perfect – you can live environmentally. Guilt free.

Eco-jewelry pieces can come from just about anything. Trash, pieces of coconut, or other worthless material. You can recycle just about anything and turn into eco-jewelry. That is the beauty of it. For instance, when you sell recycled gold, you are doing the environment a huge favor! Not only are you being environmentally responsible, but you are also lowering the already extremely high and ever-changing price of newly mined gold! There are few eco-friendly sites like Brilliant Earth and Green Oro, or even http://rijewelrystores.com. Some of these sites, like the ones listed above track the jewelry and recycled pieces, from market to market. Another very responsible environmental decision to make is the purchasing of vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry is not only very fashionable, but it is also just a fun type of material to have on your necklace, instead of something like a plastic or a fake piece metal or chunks of expensive gold.

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“Costume jewelry contains toxic chemicals harmful to the environment and possible your health. Go with eco friendly natural and recycled glass jewelry…”