Reasons to build Eco-friendly wellness facilities

There are many environmental benefits to green building.

It’s not just a simple development plan or trend, it’s a completely different approach to building, suited to the current demands of society and agriculture. Green building greatly reduces toxic remissions, which can result in things like global climate changing, changes in the air quality, and even acid rain. All of these pose threats to human health. Green building conserves water. Recycling greywater and rainwater can yield a relatively significant amount of fresh and drinkable water. If storm water (or rain water) was to be managed properly, waterway erosion would not occur as much. Flooding wouldn’t ruin as many crops, and pollutants wouldn’t be carried into water sources. Green building even effects temperature in cities. The urban heat island effect is caused by large amounts of asphalt and tall brick buildings. This effect can be avoided if green building techniques are used. Even when building walls or countertops, consider ALL your materials.

There are also many economic effects.

Besides energy and water savings, the amount of money used to provide fresh water and energy would be greatly reduced. Money that was always being directed to these utility costs would be pointed towards something else more useful. Property values would go up as well. More efficiently designed buildings would conserve a lot more energy, and would last longer. Believe it or not, but better indoor conditions can even increase employee performance. Sales improve as well.



There are social benefits.

Green building can improve overall health. Poor indoor circulation can greatly reduce health overall. Poor lighting, mold, and even poor temperatures can all contribute to respiratory problems. Schools can be greatly improved, resulting in better performance. A healthier environment in schools can lead to improvements in the students’ academic abilities. Sadly, a common impression about green building is that it’s simply too expensive to be ‘economically possible’. This is not true. Plenty of studies have shown that green buildings are barely more expensive than regular construction, plus, in the end, the savings and other energy investments make green building and eco-friendly facilities a far better choice. It’s highly beneficial to support the important trend by investing in “Green” properties, supporting industries who design and produce “green” building supplies, as well as supporting industries that generally spread the word in regards to all things eco-friendly–through their campaigning and advertising efforts, via print or web marketing. Companies with the tools to support and advocate such endeavors are accessible in all high-tech cities from Portland OR Design agencies to Rhode Island SEO companies. There’s no shortage of help in the current age of information and technology .


If you already run your own studio, exactly how “green” is it? There are many things you can do to make the necessary updates, and well worth it to do so since to not be green would be sort of an irony with all current understanding of health and wellness.