Benefits of building Green Homes



There are numerous benefits that you get from an echo friendly house. Many of the expensive bills are removed entirely, along with the stress that comes with them. Instead of paying expensive monthly bills every month, you can save the money for trips, special occasions, and outings. Regardless, the money you save each month can be put to something much better and fruitful.

You even reduce something called a carbon footprint. This is the amount of greenhouse gas let out from your housing system. Green homes are very durable, and last a lot longer than regular houses. Not only are they less expensive to maintain, but all of the materials are very durable. The roofing is durable. Some of them even have forty to fifty year warranties. Most of the content inside the house is recycled. The decking, especially, is recycled. Plastic mixed with wood, makes a type of deck that can last up to five times longer than a traditional wood deck. If the house is built correctly, then you should have a tight thermal envelope. This reduces the amount of wanted hot or cold air inside the house that escapes. Sealing to reduce air leakage, and creating duct work to minimize energy loss and choosing good windows all play a valuable and important part in creating a tight thermal envelope.

Not only do you save a lot of energy, but you also save a large amount of fresh water. Echo friendly homes would come with high-efficiency appliances. These water-use appliances such as dishwashers, or perhaps wash machines use a significantly lower amount of water to operate. The plumbing systems are much better. Hot water runs are significantly reduced. Insulated hot water pipes are used. There are high-efficiency toilets used which only use up to 1.3 gallons or less per flush. The air indoors is much healthier; as full circulation is available. This eliminates the potential of mold. All in all, the benefits of an echo friendly house are infinite.